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How to start

For start you need installed : Resharper plugin, Resharper SDK and MS visual studio.
For Resharper 7.0 I use Visual Studio 2010. Resharper 7.0 comes with the good VS templates collection so we don't need write manually million lines of code. Try to create new project type “Resharper 7.0 Plugin-In and Tests”. (You don’t need to place project in special folder, use any path your like)

When you create new plagin don't try to play Duke nukem parallel otherwise you will "wait" this dialog forever.

When project is ready look at the tab Project/Properties/Debug . You can see path to the devenv.exe and command line with two keys: "/ReSharper.Plugin ReSharperPlugIn-DefSample.dll /ReSharper.Internal. If you want to start visual studio in a safe way you can use in addition /RootSuffix Exp. Check tab Project/Properties/Application for the Target Framework 4 too. In other case you can't set any breakpoint. If you have a slowly computer, try to set Target Framework to 3.5, then you must not wait when all dlls is loaded under "debugging mode". If you need to set breakpoint for 3.5 try to use detach/attach debugger menu item.
After succeful build and start you can see visual studio with two addditional menu items under main menu Resharper. Try to play with menu Internal later. Under menu item ReSharperPlugin-Default Sample you can find dialog "About plugin".

If you open any project with source code and move cursor to the text assignment you can see left quick fix menu. When you choose Reverse string yout text will be reversed.

You have easy plugin with two actions now.

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