Project Description
Text localization plugin for Resharper 7.0 and some documentation for plugins developers.
Start phase.

lotext - Text localization plugin for Resharper 7.0

Text localization is already implemented in Resharper 7 but text is stored in resource file for every project. But I want to have access to the text over a string property from other class.

The main trouble for Resharper plugin developer - not enought information.
So the first step for me - summarize all what I can find.

At this time it is nothing to download. Plugin code is in prototype stage with about 10% functionality. So it is no sense to upload it now.
Information about Resharper itself you can found in RasmusKL's Blog. ReSharper Series

For plugin development you need Resharper SDK and MS Visual Studio 2010 (and above)

Initial information for developers could be found here here. In project Documentation part you can find additional information.

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